My wii shop channel is not working

It’s still under continual development, and its team has come up with a rather surprising and neat update. Wii My wii shop channel is not working Channel — it opens, credit can be purchased and games can be bought and downloaded.

The Wii Shop — unlike online multiplayer on Wii — has remained open, and Dolphin is now so accurate that the store thinks it’s a real Wii. So just digest that — an emulator that can purchase Nintendo games. As the blog post on this makes clear, getting it to work is a careful process. Dolphin enthusiasts it’s certainly a high point in terms of the technicalities and work to make it possible. The Wii Shop Music lives on!

Would it be morally acceptable to those who are usually against emulation if you can pay to download eshop games on PC? Virtual Console games for an EMULATOR? When you purchase a Nintendo game you are not buying a game but a license to play it on approved Nintendo hardware Which your PC isn’t. Kalmaro But he asked about moral side of it.